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  • when we are not in the office there is always one of us on call.  we also use an overnight nurse triage service. the doctor on call and the nurse triage service are both accessed by calling our main office number @ 401-383-4411.
  • With this recent surge in COVID-19, many medical systems, including our answering service and nurse triage service, are deeply impacted by increased call volume.  As always, call 911 if you think you are or may be experiencing an emergency.  For more routine calls, our answering service taking the message and our MDs and nurse triage service will get back to you. though it may take longer than usual..  Please note that our nurse triage service does not have access to patient records, so they can not send referrals, or orders for testing, can not schedule vaccine appointments or office visits, and do not have access to test results.
  • For patients needing in-person evaluation when we are unavailable we recommend JustKidsRI, a pediatric-specific urgent care in Cumberland, Rhode Island, and the Hasbro Children's Hospital emergency department in Providence.



if your child has symptoms and/or is exposed to covid and

tests positive on a home rapid antigen test then

your child does have COVID-19

there is no need to get a confirmatory PCR




most children with COVID-19 can be managed the same way as any other

routine viral infection, with:

  • acetaminophen or ibuprofen for fever or aches
  • plenty of fluids to maintain hydration
  • a humidifier in the bedroom if significant nasal congestion
  • and time (usually around 7 days)
  • we do not recommend prescription or otc cold medicines



The Rhode Island Department of Health has updated guidance on


isolation (for those who are COVID positive)


quarantine (for those who are exposed to COVID positive)

that can be found



To summarize for the general public:

  • Isolation is now 5 days of strict isolation followed by 5 days of looser isolation (may go out after day 5 if improved or improving symptoms and there's been no fever for more than 24 hours, but must wear a well-fitting mask)
  • Quarantine (for anyone not fully immunized and boosted) is now 5 days with an additional 5 days of mask wearing (Rapid test encouraged at or around day 5)
  • There is no need to quarantine for anyone exposed to COVID if they are immunized and boosted



return-to-school guidance

from the RI department of health for

Pre K-12 students/patients

can be found







(5 years old and older)


We now have COVID vaccine

for all patients 5 years old and older


 Anyone interested in receiving vaccine in our office should call us at


to schedule a shot-only visit.

We also will be offering COVID vaccine to eligible patients

during well child visits.



you may schedule vaccination at CVS, Walgreens, or one of the many Rhode Island school-based COVID Vaccination Clinics.


or at,


a central hub that allows searching for available clinics

by zip code, brand of vaccine, etc.

(click links in red to find out more).


Click This link to the RIDOH

for the most up-to-date information on COVID vaccine.



we do recommend COVID-19 vaccine

for all patients in this age group.


In our office we have unfortunately seen

that Children can have serious and long-lasting side effects

after contracting COVID-19.




LeadCare II product Recall


On July 6, 2021, the Rhode Island Department of Health and CDC issued a Health Advisory regarding faulty lots of LeadCare test strips that may underestimate blood lead levels.  LeadCare II test strips are the lead tests we use at annual physicals in early childhood (6 years old and under).  In early September the recall was extended to include additional test strip lots produced and delivered after July 6.  The RIDOH and CDC directive is for all patients who were tested with these recalled test strips to get a more accurate venous lead test.


Our first recalled lots were shipped to us on February 9, 2021.  We are reaching out by mail to all families affected by this recall after this date..  This mailing includes a lab slip for a venous lead test that can be used at any local lab (CareNewEngland, Lifepsan, Quest, East Side Clinical Labs, etc.).  If you believe you are affected by this recall and have not received our mailing please feel free to call to ensure proper testing.


click here for a link to the CDC Advisory.

The Rhode Island Department of Health and the Rhode Island Department of Education have now expanded the

COVID-19 testing program for K-12 students and staff!


this program has been testing all public and private school children and staff in Rhode Island since September,

but now also tests children and staff in public and private

daycare and preschool!


To schedule a test call


(from 7:30am to 9:30pm 7 days a week)




log in to the RIDOH testing portal here:




this service line is for eligible staff and students who have symptoms, have been identified as a close contact of a positive case, or are a classmate of a positive case..  It is available to children that are home schooled or are learning remotely, not just in-school students..  more information can be found at the RIDOH webpage dedicated to this program:


for children who are not eligible for the K-12 program

the Rhode Island department of health has also established

covid-19 testing for

all symptomatic and asymptomatic children

older than 3 months old



families can order their own testing

by logging in to the Rhode Island department of health

testing portal here:

Waiting for COVID-19 Test results?


If your test was done in our office we call you with the results when we receive them, but you may also get your results directly from the

East Side Clinical Labs results portal here:



If your test was done through the Rhode Island Department of Health portal and/or the K-12 program, We call you with your test results when we receive them, but There have been issues with the RIDOH electronically pushing out their results in a timely and consistent manner.


There are 3 ways you can obtain your RIDOH/K-12 Program results

faster and more directly:


visit the results portal at




call the Rhode Island department of health at





email them at


and let them know you are waiting for results

per the Rhode Island department of health,

you do not need a doctor's note to return to camp, day care, or school!

parent can attest to their child's STATUS!  download the RIDOH "after-illness return attestation" form at the following link:

RIDOH Return to School Attestation Form
Adobe Acrobat Document 220.9 KB

print it, complete it, and present it to your camp, day care, or school!

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, telemedicine services have been supported by federal and state governments, medical societies, insurance carriers, medical providers and other stakeholders in medical delivery,  From Early in the pandemic, insurance companies have committed to telemedicine to support their customers.


Whether there is a copay for your telemedicine visit depends upon the specifics of your plan.

Click the link below for your scheduled telemedicine visit:

when logging in, allow

access to camera and mic

when prompted, and click to perform the

pre-call test

in the lower left hand corner while waiting for your visit

On covid-19...

          These are times of great uncertainty.  We are only starting to understand coronavirus, with the finer details of COVID-19 not yet fully realized.  While it is uncommon for children 0-19 years old to demonstrate significant COVID-19 symptoms, this age group could serve as an "asymptomatic reservoir" of disease.  It is for this reason that we as caregivers and pediatricians must remain vigilant.
          In response to this rapidly developing situation, East Side Pediatrics has implemented a COVID-19 Action Plan that redirects patients with a significant travel history and/or exposure history to alternate facilities for medical care.  Additionally, our longstanding "no walk-in" policy minimizes the risk of someone with a concerning history showing up in our waiting room (though we have a plan just in case someone does).  Furthermore, we have instituted a fundamental change in our scheduling.  There is no longer a mixture of sick and well visits in the waiting room.  Sick visits can now only be seen in the afternoon.  Mornings are dedicated to well child visits and routine follow up visits.  In this way we can minimize the risk to staff, caregivers, and patients.
          We have received many calls from parents and caregivers worried about coronavirus.  We are always available to help.  However, please know that if your child is not sick, it would be best to get your coronavirus information directly from the Rhode Island Department of Health and from the Centers for Disease Control.  Their websites have the most up to date statistics, federal and state declarations, travel warnings, and community resources.
          If your child is sick, on the other hand, please know that this is where we shine brightest.  Our staff is prepared for this.  We can help tease out who needs to be evaluated and tested for COVID-19 off-site through the Rhode Island Department of Health (there is no COVID-19 testing at East Side Pediatrics).  If there is illness that is not suggestive of COVID-19, our team will follow established protocols and will either recommend a same day sick visit that afternoon, a telemedicine visit with one of our providers, or offer advise for home management.
          We will get through this.  The United States' medical infrastructure is strong, tireless, and guided by people who have dedicated their lives to the health and well-being of others.  East Side Pediatrics is focused, nimble, and here to provide a safe place for your medical care.

East Side Pediatrics, on Providence's historic College Hill, is a primary care pediatric office caring for children from birth to 21 years old.  


Our doctors are members of the American Academy of Pediatrics and are board-certified by the American Board of Pediatrics. We spend time teaching medical students from Brown University and pediatric residents from Hasbro Children's Hospital. Academic rigor keeps our doctors from having stagnant medical knowledge.


Knowledge is not enough, though. Our providers understand the importance of bedside manner. We are parents, too, and always consider things from both a doctor's and parent's perspective. We love taking care of children and treat patients as if taking care of our own.

Our board-certified doctors have decades of combined experience in Southeastern New England. And they are parents of young children themselves. Find out more!

You may now review recent office visits, print out immunizations and school forms, and modify allergy information from home. All in a HIPPA-compliant environment.

There is a great deal of medical information on the internet, only some of it reliable. Look up diagnoses, get medication dosages, follow useful links, become better informed!

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